Welcome to The Blog Bloc, the premier organization for bloggers and content creators in the Sacramento region.

The Blog Bloc was established to support local bloggers and content creators with the resources and community that they need to thrive. In addition to constant support in our online community, The Blog Bloc supports its members by providing:

  • Discounts on admission to our monthly mixers, workshops and events

  • Special opportunities with our brand partners

  • Exclusive access to The Blog Bloc member group on Facebook and personal support from the TBB team

The Blog Bloc promotes fellowship, collaboration and skill-sharing. It's time to learn from each other and grow together. There is enough opportunity for everyone. 


Kachet Jackson-Henderson at our 1st Anniversary Party

Kachet Jackson-Henderson at our 1st Anniversary Party

Meet Kachet Jackson-Henderson. The idea of The Blog Bloc came to Kachet years ago, but after attending Alt Summit in 2017, she felt so inspired and decided she would stop waiting for it to come into existence and would launch it herself. A few months later, The Blog Bloc was born. She is also the face behind the fashion and lifestyle brand The Kachet Life. Kachet is thrilled to be at the helm of an organization that helps others reach their goals.