World Social Media Day: How to Elevate Your Social Status

Well, what do ya' know? It's World Social Media Day! Naturally, we had to add our two cents because social media is one of the main vehicles any blogger or content creator uses to push out their content. We asked members of The Blog Bloc what they would tell someone trying to take their social media presence to the next level and here's what they had to say. 

Your Personal Brand

"Find ways to be original." - @carolbalangitan

"You can elevate your brand by being consistent through photo colors, editing + quote styles, posting times, developing a look so obviously you, that users don't need to see your handle next to the image." - @colourmeclassic

"When accounts become too curated and predictable, you lose followers and interest. It doesn't have to always be perfect either, we are all human and the imperfections remind our followers of that, they humanize us/our brand."  - @ganeeban

"If you are (the face) of your brand, you have to be out there and regularly sharing pieces of your life."  -@thelipstickgiraffe

"Be you! People can feel your authenticity and your passion." -


"Always ask, what value is this content adding? What makes my point of view different? Why should others care? " -@colourmeclassic

"Make your content as visually appealing as possible. There are great stock photo sites such as and Unsplashed that I LOVE using." -@carolbalangitan

"Theme your content out by day, genre, etc. It will make it easier to develop ideas and imagery if you have a set of 'rules' to follow." -@thelipstickgiraffe


"I like to set schedules for my personal and my professional clients. I like to plot out my posts for the entire month so there's consistency AND variety." - @carolbalangitan

"Be consistent, be yourself, be friendly, don't Vaugebook - ask for what you need or CALL a friend instead." -@tamihackbarth

"Consistency allows your following to become trained to check out your content." -@thelipstickgiraffe


"Interact with your people. You wouldn't be here without your followers so be sure to respond to comments and show them how much you appreciate them." -

"Optimize your hashtags, especially on Instagram and on Twitter try not to use more than two on tweets." - @carolbalangitan

"I think that responding to your followers' questions, DM's and comments are HUGE. I spent a lot of time responding to every single comment left on my photos in the beginning. I still have those followers today." @ruthieridley



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